Residential Income Fund

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This private REIT offers

  • Accessibility to all investors and registered plan eligibility
  • Monthly cash distributions
  • Growth potential
  • Re-investment options
  • More stable returns
  • Independent Board Members provide oversight


Investment Type: Limited Partnership/Mutual Fund Trust
Registered Plan Eligibility: RRSP, TFSA, RESP, LIRA, RRIF, etc.
Mutual Fund Trust Unit Price: $10.63
Minimum Initial Investment: $10,000

*see OM for details
ERIFT Assets Under Management
Rental Units
Unit price growth
Distribution Growth

Fund Objectives

Provide regular cash distributions to qualified investors

Increase property equity through mortgage reduction

Actively manage property to increase rental income, reduce expenses and increase efficiencies to maximize asset value

7% - 10% plus targeted annual return from an annual distribution (paid monthly) and capital growth

Why invest in private real estate investment trusts?

Private REITs can offer many of the benefits that real estate investing can offer without having to manage property or do renovations yourself.

This investment is backed by hard assets – well-located apartment buildings that generate income through rent.


Like the world of private equity, apartment building investments have long been a core holding for many wealthy investors. Now you can own a piece of an apartment building portfolio without needing a fortune’s worth of capital up front or dealing with any of the property management.

Generates Income

This fund receives a regular income stream from the tenants paying rent.

Earns Equity

Equity continues to build up as the mortgage principal is paid down by the income generated from the tenants paying rent and as the property increases in value.


The buildings owned in this fund are located in regions with strong fundamentals such as population and economic growth.

Where do REIT returns come from?

  • Cash from tenant rent
  • Equity increase in the assets from paying off the principal
  • Appreciation of the assets over time


Read our Related Issuer Disclaimer and Equiton Residential Income Fund Disclaimer for disclaimer information.

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