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Apartment Fund
Equiton Residential Income Fund Trust (Apartment Fund)

The Apartment Fund

Our Apartment Fund specializes in acquiring underperforming and undervalued multi-residential properties and select new developments in Canada and increasing value through active management. Investors in the Fund receive the yield from rental income and participate in the growth of the underlying properties. Targeted Annual Net Return of 8%‑12%.

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Annual Report
Strong and reliable monthly income and tax efficient growth.
Why invest in

Multi-residential (or Apartment building) investments are a proven asset class that have typically been a core holding for many wealthy and institutional investors. Private real estate investment trusts (REITs) allow anyone to own a piece of an apartment building portfolio without the substantial upfront costs needed to purchase a property themselves.

Demand for multi-residential properties is constant and is driven by land scarcity, demographics and population growth, the challenges of new home affordability, and an increased focus on work-life balance. Residential real estate is a product of necessity; everyone needs a place to live.

Advantages of investing in multi-residential:

  • Consistent income

  • Steady value appreciation

  • Low volatility

  • Private Canadian Apartments have never had a negative year since 1988

Additionally, investing in multi-residential offers all the benefits of real estate investing without the headaches, hassle or stress of property management and maintenance.

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How does your investment grow?

Equiton’s Apartment Fund generates returns through a combination of the following three factors:

Income Generation

Regular income stream generated from tenants paying rent.

Builds Equity

Paying down the mortgage of the properties results in increased equity.

Property Value Appreciation

Property values increase over time and as improvements are made.

Other Key Benefits include:

  • Monthly income – current annual distribution yield of 6-7.25% depending on Fund Series**

  • Capital growth potential + monthly cash flow

  • Tax efficient as distributions are 100% return of capital

  • Ability to use your existing or new RRSP, TFSA, RESP, LIRA or RRIF to invest

  • Consistently positive returns since inception and historically low volatility

  • A 2% discount when you reinvest your distributions

** With the Equiton Residential Income Fund Trust you can unlock 6 -7.25% of your return as monthly cash flow. To give perspective, $100,000 invested in Class A would generate a distribution of $500 per month while $250,000 invested in Class F would generate a distribution of $1,458 per month.

Who can invest?

income & development fund, Who Can Invest?

*Varies by province, subject to suitability limitations.
**When working with an Advisor.

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