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The Equiton Difference
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Proudly Canadian owned and operated, we help investors build their wealth by offering easy access to all types of investment grade real estate through our proven, high-performing investment fund options. We offer true diversification, full transparency, and all the benefits of real estate investing without the difficulties of financing, tenant management, building maintenance or project management.

We believe successful real estate investing is both an art and a science.
Five key factors that set Equiton apart within the industry.
  • Demonstrated Results: We believe successful real estate investing is both an art and a science. Our Funds have a targeted net return of 8 – 16%* annually and have experienced only positive monthly returns since inception.

  • Pure-Play Multi-Residential Apartment Fund Strategy: Canada Only with No U.S. Exposure

  • Proven Ability to Build Value: As a regular part of our process, our direct and personalized approach to investment management ensures we have in-depth market knowledge and a deep understanding of our existing and potential investments.

  • Inclusive: Our investment solutions are more accessible offering lower minimum investment amounts.

  • One of the Fastest Growing Private Real Estate Investment Trusts (Private REITs) in Canada: Equiton is poised for continued growth and success. We have established a stable platform with a flexible balance sheet, and organic NOI growth opportunities.

* Dependent on Fund and Trust unit class of investment.

What can advisors expect from Equiton?

With Equiton you are partnering with real estate investment experts who make investing uncomplicated and straightforward. Our simple purchase process for advisors allows them to easily navigate the paperwork associated with Offering Memorandum products.

Our simplified approach to real estate investing offers accessibility, growth and the ability for investors to participate with as little as $5,000. Equiton’s long-term strategic plan concentrates on creating lasting value for all its stakeholders. We strategically diversify into growing but economically stable markets. This diversification will enhance stability and maintain growth during periods of economic volatility and will result in Net Operating Income (NOI) growth and capital appreciation for investors.

We are committed to providing reliable advice while fostering lasting relationships.

Our Team is Your Team

Our people are the driving force behind Equiton’s success. Our culture is both autonomous and collaborative, innovative and methodical, challenging and rewarding. We continually exchange insights, embrace different perspectives, and challenge existing conditions. Ours is a diverse and inclusive community of experts who ask superior questions and uncover excellent answers.

Together, our team makes us better, providing the aptitude and proficiency to build stronger, better and more meaningful investment solutions.

Featured case studies

At Equiton our focus is to increase the value of our assets organically, through improved operational efficiencies, functionality and aesthetics.

apartment fund
Wellington Place, Hamilton
apartment fund
Gertrude Suites, Toronto
apartment fund
Scotch Elms, Toronto
apartment fund
Seville East & West, Mississauga

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