Targeting income-producing commercial properties.

Identifying commercial properties in strong markets.


Commercial property consists of land and buildings that are used by businesses to carry out their operations. Examples include shopping malls, individual stores, office buildings, parking lots, medical facilities, and hotels.

We’ve always been in the business of doing all we can to maximize profits for investors. One of the most important ways we achieve this is through investment in commercial properties.

Canada is home to millions of square feet of well-located commercial properties. In most cases, they are leased – not owned – by tenants. Once you consider that most of those tenants have long-term leases, it’s easy to see the potential for ongoing cash flow.

We seek out commercial properties in strong markets because we know the value and growth potential they represent. Once obtained, we assume full operational control in order to closely monitor each investment and take advantage of every value-add opportunity, including repositioning, renovation or redevelopment.


  • Higher rents

  • Longer term tenants (10+ years)

  • Flexible lease agreements

  • Produces cash flow and building appreciation

Our most lucrative opportunities come from these commercial property types:


A variety of plaza-type properties ranging from strip malls or convenience centres to big box power centres. Tenants can be small, independently owned businesses, all the way up to large national retail chains or restaurants. The flexibility and adaptability of these spaces makes them appealing to a broader range of business types and owners.


Well-located properties, typically in larger city centres with flexible spaces and capacity to be occupied by a wide variety of tenants with varying lease types and terms.

Mixed Use

A mixed-use property includes three or more residential units and may also contain a commercial property component in the same building.

Pursuing high-potential commercial properties.
Investing in Commercial Properties

Our Investment Solutions is accessible, tax-efficient and built to maximize both income and growth. With lower minimums than our competitors, Equiton has created robust, carefully considered private real estate Investment Solutions to help investors grow their long-term wealth.

We take a straightforward, hands-on approach to real estate investment by pursuing high-potential commercial and residential properties, providing expert-level management, and leveraging opportunities for improvement or redevelopment.

Learn more about commercial investing from our Income and Development Fund.

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