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If you or your clients are looking for a primer on private real estate investing, REITs, how to invest, and why Equiton’s Funds are excellent options to consider, our Fast Facts and FAQ videos answers all your questions. Our terminology videos help explain terms used in our industry and our case studies show you how we add value.

Onboarding Process
Fast Facts
White Papers & Guides
Onboarding Process

Equiton has made it quick and easy for Advisors to qualify their clients in our Funds. It takes about 5-10 minutes to fill out the requisite paperwork! Click on the links below to watch the instructional video or download the step-by-step guide that will walk you through the onboarding process.

Accredited Investors

Eligible Investors

Non-Eligible Investors


A series of one-minute videos that answer our frequently asked questions.

private equity investment

What Is A Private Equity Investment?

Private equity is an alternative investment that is not publicly traded and therefore isn’t impacted by the fluctuations of the stock market.

private real estate investing

What is Private Real Estate Investing?

Private real estate investments can consist of a variety of real estate assets including income-producing properties such as apartments or office buildings, real estate development projects, and property financing or lending.

who can invest

Who Can Invest in Private Real Estate?

Until recently, private equity real estate investing was not available to most individuals, only the very wealthy or institutional investors. Now, Equiton provides private real estate investment solutions to all Canadians.

alternative real estate investments

Why Should I Invest in Private Real Estate?

Private real estate investments are an alternative and intelligent way to benefit from real estate.

passive real estate investing

Why Should I Invest in Real Estate Through Equiton?

Real estate can be a daunting investment for most people as it usually means you must finance the deal yourself and you may be limited in the types of real estate you can buy. You also have to contend with maintenance, rent collection and unexpected costs.

retire more comfortably

Can I Invest My RRSP, TFSA or LIRA with Equiton?

With Equiton, you can use your existing registered funds – RRSP, RESP, TFSA, or LIRA – to invest in real estate.

simple investing process

How Can I Invest with Equiton?

Equiton makes private real estate investing simple. Our advisor support team will walk you through our process.

What are my options when investing with Equiton?

What are my options when investing with Equiton?

Equiton offers a variety of real estate investment opportunities which feature benefits such as monthly income, capital appreciation and special distributions.

receive monthly income

How can I make money by investing with Equiton?

Private equity real estate investments provide the opportunity to diversify your portfolio while making you money.

Fast Facts

Short videos that help real estate investing concepts make sense.

Not all real estate is created equal

Not All Real Estate is Created Equal

Different types of real estate can have fundamental differences. Learn more about some common real estate misconceptions.

profiting from an imbalance

Profiting from an Imbalance

We breakdown some of the key reasons why the rental apartment industry continues to thrive and is an ideal alternative investment solution.

What is a cap rate?

What is a cap rate?

Learn about capitalization rates (commonly called cap rates) and their reliability when making decisions about investing in apartment buildings.

Financial and Real Estate Terminology

Our short terminology videos explain terms and acronyms used in our industry.

what is an appraisal?

What is an Appraisal?

what is a triple net lease?

What is a Triple Net Lease?

what is investment grade real estate?

What is Investment Grade Real Estate? 

what is a debt service coverage ratio?

What is a Debt Service Coverage Ratio?

what is a lira?

What is a Locked in Retirement Account?

what is loan to value

What is Loan to Value?

what is aum?

What is AUM?

what is a dividend drip

What is a DRIP?

what is occupancy rate

What is Occupancy Rate?

White Papers & Guides

The real estate investment experts at Equiton are constantly monitoring and researching trends and changes in industry. Our White Papers and Guides provide strategies and tactics to include alternatives in your clients’ investment portfolios. Download them now.

Private Apartments vs Preferred Shares

Advantages of Private Canadian Apartments

The Benefits of Alternative Investments

Right Time to Invest in Real Estate

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