Income and growth potential.

Delivers notable returns for investors.

Company Profile

Canadian owned and operated.

Equiton is a private equity real estate firm providing clients with access to the investment benefits of the multi-residential property segment. Portfolios are constructed with a risk-adjusted return profile objective of capital preservation coupled with income and growth potential through, and across, market and economic cycles.

Investments are selected only upon satisfying a rigorous due diligence process which draws upon and incorporates market specific insight. Purchased assets are repositioned through the implementation of a capital improvement and expense control overlay. Ongoing property management is overseen by Equiton’s in-house property management team.

Assets Under Management ($ Billion)

Core Values

about equiton

Rigorous adherence to a set of moral and ethical standards focused on respect, honesty and fairness.


Individual responsibility for delivering on our commitments and being accountable for our decisions, actions and results.

about equiton

Offering the highest level of professional expertise, quality service and knowledgeable insights.

Customer Focused

We recognize our customers are the reason for our success and know by putting their needs first, we foster trusting, long-term relationships.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Focusing on a growth mindset, continuous improvement, embracing change, and recognizing that goals are achieved through dedication and hard work.

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