Upholding a standard of responsible investing.

Environmental, social and governance policy.


Sustainability and Our Responsibility to the Planet

At Equiton, we understand that a sustainable and eco-friendly future is our only future. In all our investments, projects, and developments, we’re committed to holding sustainability as a top priority. We owe this not only to ourselves, but to our clients, communities, and our planet.

To be a force of sustainability, Equiton pledges to accomplish this both in our words and in our actions. Our investment decisions adhere to the highest quality and most modern standards of clean living and environmental stewardship.

In addition, we are advocates for social change, providing an improved standard of living for our tenants, and supporting our staff and investors with a focus on healthy and balanced lifestyles.

In accordance with our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy, Equiton strives to act as a true steward of our natural environment, and govern our company in an open, ethical, and responsible manner.

We integrate these principles into our investment strategy and execution. To accomplish this, we conduct ongoing, up-to-date ESG research and analysis; participate in frequent communication, engagement, and outreach with our shareholders; and collaborate with partners to commit to responsible investment practices.

Equiton ESG Report 2022

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