Growth potential and monthly returns.

Profitable investments within reach.

Equiton Residential Income Fund Trust

Growth potential with monthly returns.

The Equiton Residential Income Fund Trust specializes in underperforming and undervalued multi-residential apartments and select new developments in Canada. Investors in the strategy receive the yield from rental income and participate in the growth of the underlying properties. See Offering Memorandum for more details.

How does your investment grow?

Equiton’s Residential Income Fund Trust generates returns through a combination of the following three factors:

Income Generation

Regular income stream generated from tenants paying rent.

Builds Equity

Paying down the mortgage of the properties results in increased equity.

Property Value Appreciation

Property values increase over time and as improvements are made.

Equiton Institutional Investments

Equiton is a privately held real estate investment manager dedicated to delivering private real estate investment solutions to Institutional investors.

residential income fund trust

Aaron Pittman

SVP, Head of Canadian Institutional Investments

Aaron Pittman

SVP, Head of Canadian Institutional Investments

Aaron is an Institutional Asset Management Executive with a history of applying a multidisciplinary approach to help global asset management firms realize optimal partnership potential with Institutional clients.

Aaron brings extensive leadership experience with a focus on Institutional knowledge, acumen, and strategic and tactical initiatives which are applied to solidify an investment management company’s reputation as a high quality, globally competitive entity.

At Equiton, Aaron is responsible for capital raise activities and business development as it relates to the distribution of the firm’s investment strategies to Institutions.

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