Predictable results in an unpredictable world

Stabilize Client Portfolios And Reduce Risk

Amid runaway inflation and higher market volatility, your clients are looking for ways to protect their portfolios. Traditional approaches often mean
accepting a lower return potential for investment stability. Fortunately, there’s a better solution.

At Equiton, we strive to cut volatility, not returns. Our experienced leadership team knows how to find and build wealth in real estate and has a record
of exceptional results.

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Outperformed Major Asset Classes

Private Canadian Apartments have historically outperformed major asset classes. Even during the 2008 Financial Crisis, the darkest days of the COVID-19-induced crash in 2020, and the 2022 Inflation Crisis Private Canadian Apartments remained positive.

Instead of relying on the unpredictable private market, we believe Private Canadian Apartments provide a reliable alternative with little volatility risk.

private equity real estate

Reduce Your Clients’ Volatility

Over the last 35 years, Canadian Private Apartments have provided investors with significant downside protection. Over this period, Canadian Private Apartments have never had a negative annual return, while in contrast, all other major asset classes have had numerous years of negative returns.

Percentage of Years with Positive/Negative Annual Returns 1988-2022

private equity real estate

Just The Facts

Over the last 35 years Canadian Private Apartments have averaged a 10.14% annual return and have never experienced a negative return.

The Equiton Residential Income Fund Trust has delivered only positive returns since inception and historically low volatility. ††

We make private equity real estate accessible. Initial investment starts at $10,000.

Real Assets. Real Returns. Real Resilience. A Real Choice.

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