We take a simple and straightforward approach to private REITs, directing investments in commercial and residential properties and building up their value by leveraging opportunities for improvement or redevelopment. We take care of those investments by making frequent visits to potential and existing buildings as a regular part of our process. This kind of diligence ensures our investments are expertly managed.


In an industry that is often chasing the latest investment fad or structuring complicated private equity investments, Equiton presents a unique and (we think) refreshing approach. We believe in simple, straightforward real estate investments based on proven models. We believe there is no replacement for hard work and research. And we believe that honesty, transparency and integrity still have a place in the investment world.


Results, Results, Results

Delivering results is the bottom line for everything we do. Experience, hard work, expertise – it all comes down to helping you achieve your investment goals.


It’s Personal to Us

We are a tightly knit group of real estate investment professionals, and we all work closely together to achieve the same goal.


Working Harder, Doing More

The industry status quo will never be our status quo. We work harder to achieve more, to find more opportunities and realize more potential.​



Investments in a range of commercial real estate assets


Hands-on experience in real estate development and construction


We raise capital to finance residential and commercial projects


Long-term view with a value-based approach.

We make direct investments in commercial and residential properties and build up their value by leveraging opportunities for improvement or redevelopment. We analyze each investment, focusing on minimizing any downside risk, protecting the principal investment and generating an appropriate risk-adjusted return. There are a number of factors that guide our investing philosophy:

Experienced Management Team

A seasoned management team that averages over 20 years of experience in real estate investments and a long track record of producing exceptional results. We have a deep understanding of successful real estate investing and a reputation for building long-term relationships.

Hands-on Approach

Taking the time to fully understand everything about our properties and market, and about potential and existing investments, is a regular part of our process. Our hands-on approach provides us with intimate market knowledge and ensures our investments are expertly managed. We take the success of our investments personally.


Our team fosters an entrepreneurial and collaborative environment where individuals truly work together to achieve excellence and realize opportunity. We create consistent results through rigorous discipline, creativity, hard work and strict adherence to professional standards. 

Maximizing Investment Results

Successful real estate investing is both an art and a science; it is intensive due diligence, execution excellence and proactive risk management mixed with creativity, flexibility and agility.