Here’s a smooth RRSP strategy for bumpy times

This RRSP season may be particularly important for Canadians. With the stock market moving like a wild roller coaster ride, and an uncertain economic outlook for 2019, many investors are wondering what to do with their RRSP investments this year. When creating an investment plan for your portfolio, diversification is the most important rule. Diversification essentially means […]

What goes up must come down: Think beyond traditional stocks and bonds

As we continue to ride one of the longest bull markets in stock market history, we have all been asking the same questions: when will it end, how bad will the downturn be and how do I protect or at least insulate my client’s portfolio from it?

The Canadian island you’ve never heard about

Since 2005, the demand for housing in the Greater Toronto Area (“GTA”) has been rapidly outpacing supply. This is primarily a result of the limited amount of developable land due to what has been otherwise known as the ‘island’ effect.

Private Equity: An Introduction

Private equity has gained a great amount of influence in today’s financial marketplace, but surprisingly, many investors are unfamiliar with it, potentially causing them to miss out on investment opportunities.

Compounding: The Only Certainty in Investing

We live in a world where computer-generated investment algorithms, jumpy traders selling stocks due to tweets by the US President, talking heads and savvy gurus confidently explaining why their last set of predictions were so wrong, and copious amounts of data wash over us like a never-ending tidal-wave.

Thinking about investment yields? Look forward

When calculating how much your equity-based investments are earning, don’t focus on the rear-view mirror. Most investors have a point-in-time mentality when it comes to thinking about the yield on their investments.

Is it Time to Reevaluate the Status Quo?

Like all things in life, investing will continue to evolve as new products enter the market and new investment strategies uproot the status quo.

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