Profiting from an Imbalance

A Supply-Demand Imbalance Creates Strong Investment Opportunities The imbalanced market for places to live is creating opportunities to profit in the multi-residential apartment sector. Equiton is uniquely positioned to help investors profit through our proprietary approach. Explore reasons for the opportunity below: KEY REASONS FOR THE IMBALANCE Demand is increasing because of: POPULATION GROWTH In […]

Compounding: The Only Certainty in Investing

We live in a world where computer-generated investment algorithms, jumpy traders selling stocks due to tweets by the US President, talking heads and savvy gurus confidently explaining why their last set of predictions were so wrong, and copious amounts of data wash over us like a never-ending tidal-wave.

Thinking about investment yields? Look forward

When calculating how much your equity-based investments are earning, don’t focus on the rear-view mirror. Most investors have a point-in-time mentality when it comes to thinking about the yield on their investments.

Is it Time to Reevaluate the Status Quo?

Like all things in life, investing will continue to evolve as new products enter the market and new investment strategies uproot the status quo.

Equiton’s CEO in The Globe and Mail

In a recent article, The Globe and Mail covered Toronto’s real estate demand fuelling the growth of private REITs in Canada. Check out what Equiton’s CEO, Jason Roque had to say about it.

Equiton Partners Profiled in National Trade Magazine

Equiton Partners is profiled in the Fall 2016 edition of the National Exempt Market Association (NEMA)’s magazine, Exempt Edge.

Equiton Partners to Speak at Expert Panel on Alternative Real Estate Investing

Equiton Partners is pleased to announce that Eddy Boudiwan will be a guest speaker on an expert panel about alternative real estate investing at The MoneyShow Toronto on September 16.

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