With an average of over 20 years in real estate investing, our senior management team has both proven experience and an outstanding track record. That’s one of many unique features that separate Equiton from other investment firms; there are many more.

We realize the exceptional opportunities private REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) offer investors. And now that private equity is accessible to all, Equiton has created unique real estate investments that can help everyone achieve their financial goals.


There is no shortcut to finding those unrealized opportunities in real estate; you have to do your homework, understand both the market and the properties. It takes time, experience, hard work and discipline. But that’s one of the ways that Equiton is unique in the industry, and one of the reasons our senior management team can boast the track record we have.


Experience and Expertise

Our leadership team has an average of over 20 years’ experience in real estate investments. We know what we’re doing.


Private Equity for Everyone

Today, all investors can benefit from what private equity offers, delivering stable returns.


Honesty and

We believe in transparency, honesty, in treating everyone with respect and in acting with integrity in everything we do.


Our Team

Our team is defined by its experience, integrity, dedication and results.


Equiton Capital Inc. is an independent, full-service exempt market dealer, portfolio manager and investment fund manager, and is part of the Equiton Group of Companies.


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