Profiting from an Imbalance

A Supply-Demand Imbalance Creates Strong Investment Opportunities
The imbalanced market for places to live is creating opportunities to profit in the multi-residential apartment sector.
Equiton is uniquely positioned to help investors profit through our proprietary approach. Explore reasons for the opportunity below:
Demand is increasing because of:
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In 2017, Canada’s population grew by a record 518,588 people (strongest among G7 countries) and the federal gov't plans to admit over 1M new immigrants by 2020.
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The high costs of home ownership is forcing more people to rent. This trend is continuing to accelerate because of rising interest rates and more restrictive mortgage qualification rules.
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Younger generations are renting longer with many destined to be lifetime renters, baby boomers are selling their homes to fund retirement and new immigrants can spend a decade or more before they have the capital or credit to buy.
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The past stigma of renting is disappearing with many now making the choice to live a more flexible lifestyle free of ownership burdens.
Supply is being restricted because of:
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Restrictive land use policies, including greenbelt legislations, lengthening development timelines and lagging infrastructure are keeping the supply of new development sites tight for the foreseeable future.
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The extremely wide gap between the price to buy existing apartments and the cost to build new makes new construction unfeasible in most markets today and for the foreseeable future.
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