Profiting from an Imbalance

Apartment rentals can be an attractive alternative to home ownership depending on several factors in your life. Here, we breakdown some of the key reasons why the rental apartment industry […]

Market turmoil spotlights investment truths

The unprecedented impact that the coronavirus has had on economies and financial markets around the world in March 2020 has highlighted two very important, but often forgotten, investment truths. Truth […]

Keep more of what you make with REITs

Investing in real estate is a great way to develop wealth and improve your cash flow. In addition to the benefits of receiving monthly rental income, you can also potentially […]

Adding more of the same is not the way to manage risk

Just like the saying ‘nothing in life is truly free,’ investment returns cannot be earned without accepting some form of risk. The goal of the smart money – those who […]

Real estate can be a safe harbor for your RRSPs

Planning for your retirement can be overwhelming. The average Canadian investor is now enjoying a longer life and volatile equity markets and low interest rates may render their traditional investment […]

Active vs. Passive investing: which one is a better fit for you?

Real estate is a popular investment choice because it is an excellent way to diversify and strengthen just about any investment portfolio. It has the potential to provide investors with […]

The ins and outs of REITs

Real estate is a classic alternative investment.  It has typically been an integral part of a well-diversified investment portfolio, helping to lessen risk and enhance returns through consistent cash-flows and […]

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