What Are Cap Rates and Are They Reliable?

A Capitalization Rate (Cap Rate) is a formula calculating the rate of return of a commercial real estate property and is typically utilized to determine if the property is a […]

Looking for an attractive investment in a low interest-rate environment?

The Canadian interest rate environment is in uncharted territory. Not only are rates at historic lows, but they are expected remain there for the foreseeable future. In September, while the […]

What you Need to Know about Commercial Real Estate Investing

One topic always on-trend is real estate investing.  Why?  With home improvement shows, buy-and-sell features, newsfeeds about the hot local real estate market – no wonder people want to get […]

The proven way to accumulate wealth

Amassing a fortune doesn’t typically happen overnight. Building wealth takes time. Sure, you can make a quick buck by winning the lottery, timing a stock trade just right or flipping […]

Private real estate: An essential portfolio component

As investors grow weary of the constant agitation in the traditional public markets, they are looking for alternative ways to generate stable income, preserve their capital, protect against market volatility […]

Is it time to reposition your portfolio and ensure it is being properly stewarded?

Historically, investors have done well when they hold a diversified portfolio of equities for a long period of time. Despite regular bear markets, history shows us that major stock markets […]

Private apartments can stabilize a portfolio in an economic downturn

Historically, private, multi-residential apartments are a sound investment no matter the economic winds. Apartments offer investors a unique investment opportunity. They can create returns through three sources: consistent cash flows […]

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