Grow your wealth with Equiton’s Apartment Fund

Equiton’s Apartment Fund generates returns through a combination of the following three factors:

1. income generation

Regular income stream generated from tenants paying rent.

2. builds equity

Paying down the mortgage of the properties results in increased equity.

3. property value appreciation

Property values increase overtime and as improvements are made.

How does your investment grow?

Our Apartment Fund specializes in acquiring underperforming and undervalued multi-residential properties and select new developments in Canada and increasing value through active management. Investors in the Fund receive the yield from rental income and participate in the growth of the underlying properties.

key fund benefits
monthly cash flow

Current annual distribution yield of 6-7.25% depending on Fund Series*

From increase in value properties

Distributions are 100% return of capital (for tax purposes)

Annual rent increases can provide an excellent hedge against inflation

Consistently positive returns since inception and historically low volatility

To traditional asset classes

reinvestment bonus

Reinvest distributions and receive a 2% bonus

Private Canadian Apartments have demonstrated lower volatility and higher relative returns than traditional investments

Managed billions in real estate assets and developed 100 million sq. ft.


Past performance may not be repeated. Investors are reminded that any purchase must not be made on the basis of the information contained on this website, but are referred to the Offering Memorandum provided by the Equiton Residential Income Fund Trust.

*With the Equiton Residential Income Fund Trust you can quickly unlock 6 – 7.25% of your return as monthly cash flow. To give perspective, $100,000 invested in Class A would generate a distribution of $500 per month while $250,000 invested in Class F would generate a distribution of $1,458 per month.