About The Project

Address: Kingston Rd.

Asset Type: Mid rise

Total Units: Over 300

Completion Value: $286M**

**Total completion value estimated at time of investment.

An Exclusive Real Estate Development Opportunity

Invest in a Development and Unlock Profits

Sandstones, an Equiton real estate development project, will be a modern and urban condo featuring lake views and close to downtown Toronto. The development site is ideally situated minutes from the picturesque bluffs, conveniently near public transit and a host of amenities.

20% Annual Return on Investment

Targeted average over project term (5.33years)

Don’t invest in the condo, invest in the development

When it comes to real estate investing, people think of buying a condo. But what if there was a better way to invest in real estate? Equiton is a real estate development company that offers exclusive access to development projects with a targeted average net return of 20% per year. The minimum investment amount is $25,000, and investors can use registered funds, such as RRSP, TFSA, LIRA or RESP making this a great opportunity for investors. 

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Invest smarter with Equiton 

  • 20% Annual Return on Investment  
  • Targeted average over project term (5.33years) 
The minimum investment amount is $25,000