The benefits of real estate without the Repairs

No-hassle real estate investing

The benefits of real estate without the Repairs

No-hassle real estate investing

Do you want the benefit of owning real estate without the headache of ownership?
You should consider passive real estate investing.

What is Passive real estate investing?

With passive real estate investing, you get all the benefits of active real estate investing – such as rental income and asset value growth as well as profits from development projects – without the headaches of sourcing, financing or actively managing the property or project yourself.

Why you should invest in Passive real estate

You can rely on seasoned real estate expert like Equiton to get you access to a wide variety of real estate categories. We source and complete due diligence on purchases, secure financing, and actively manage the properties. You get all the benefits of ownership, but without the headaches and obligations associated with active management.

How Equiton’s Private Equity Funds can allow you to passively invest in real estate

Equiton’s funds provide regular and increasing monthly cash distributions from investments in a diversified portfolio of residential and commercial real estate, development projects and financing.

By investing with Equiton, you have the option to receive a monthly income or re-invest your monthly distributions while your investment increases in value.


“I never knew about the benefits of private real estate investing until I started working with Equiton. They made it really easy to understand and easy to invest.” Cathy D., Investor

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