With a long history in successful real estate investments, our leadership team knows how the industry works, and how to create long-term wealth. We’ve learned that finding the right opportunities takes time, experience, hard work and discipline. That’s what makes us so unique in the industry.


There was a time when private equity investments were only available to a select few high-net-worth individuals. Today, more people can take advantage of the great opportunities private equity offers. With Equiton, everyone can capitalize on investments that deliver a stable return. Our experienced leadership team knows how to find and build wealth in real estate, and has a record of exceptional results. We’ve made private equity real estate investments more accessible. And we’re just getting started.


The Private Equity Opportunity

Private equity investments have long been considered complicated and exclusively for high-net-worth investors. That’s no longer true. Today, more people can take advantage of private equity, helping to reduce the volatility and low returns of most investment portfolios.


Reliable Real Estate Investing

Equiton invests in commercial and residential properties, building up their value by leveraging opportunities for improvement or redevelopment. We do our homework, analyzing each investment closely and focusing on minimizing risk and maximizing return.


Experience and Due Diligence

We put our long experience and commitment to excellence to work every day. That means exercising due diligence, doing extra research and digging into the details of execution and proactive risk management to ensure the best investment results.


“We have a deep understanding of successful real estate investing and a reputation for building long-term relationships”


We believe in delivering outstanding results to our clients, and we channel all of our experience, expertise and dedication to achieving those results every day. We are guided by a set of principles that define what we do and how we work:


An open and honest relationship is the only way to build trust. Transparency, fairness and respect are the cornerstones of our culture.


One of many ways that Equiton is different is our entrepreneurial spirit. We are always looking for new opportunities and innovative ways to build wealth for our clients.

Hard Work

We take a hands-on approach to our investments, taking the time to do our homework, and fully understand everything about our assets and the markets in which they are located.


Every member of our team is dedicated to achieving excellence in everything we do. From the smallest details to major real estate investments, we are true professionals.


We’re stronger together, regularly sharing our years of experience and range of knowledge in a team environment in order to achieve better results for our clients.


Everything we do is driven by a simple goal: to deliver the best investment results possible for every single one of our clients.