With a long history in successful real estate investments, our leadership team knows how the industry works, and how to create long-term wealth. We’ve learned that finding the right opportunities takes time, experience, hard work and discipline. That’s what makes us so unique in the industry.


There was a time when private equity investments were only available to a select few high-net-worth individuals. Today, more people can take advantage of the great opportunities private equity offers. With Equiton, everyone can capitalize on investments that deliver a stable return. Our experienced leadership team knows how to find and build wealth in real estate, and has a record of exceptional results. We’ve made private equity real estate investments more accessible. And we’re just getting started.


The Private Equity Opportunity

Private equity investments have long been considered complicated and exclusively for high-net-worth investors. That’s no longer true. Today, more people can take advantage of private equity, helping to reduce the volatility and low returns of most investment portfolios.


Reliable Real Estate Investing

Equiton invests in commercial and residential properties, building up their value by leveraging opportunities for improvement or redevelopment. We do our homework, analyzing each investment closely and focusing on minimizing risk and maximizing return.


Experience and Due Diligence

We put our long experience and commitment to excellence to work every day. That means exercising due diligence, doing extra research and digging into the details of execution and proactive risk management to ensure the best investment results.


“We have a deep understanding of successful real estate investing and a reputation for building long-term relationships”


Equiton believes in creating lasting value by investing in people and communities. We strive to deliver superior real estate investment solutions so our customers can build their wealth and financial security.

OUR Vision 

To be a leading force in making high-quality private real estate investing accessible to all Canadians while building lasting relationships with our stakeholders. 

Core Values 


Rigorous adherence to a set of moral and ethical standards focused on respect, honesty, and fairness. 


Individual responsibility for delivering on our commitments and being accountable for our decisions, actions, and results. 


Offering the highest level of professional expertise, quality service and knowledgeable insights. 

Customer Focused 

We recognize our customers are the reason for our success and know by putting their needs first, we foster trusting, long-term relationships. 

Entrepreneurial Spirit 

Focusing on a growth mindset, continuous improvement, embracing change, and recognizing goals are achieved through dedication and hard work.