No need for your clients to sweat over summer market turmoil

REIT Cashflows and The J-Curve


Investing involves taking calculated risks in exchange for expected returns. The challenge for investors is to accurately identify risks and potential rewards from various assets and assemble them into a portfolio that at least meets their investment objectives. The trade off between expected risk and return Theoretically, expected returns are supposed to be highly correlated […]

Why the “soft” issues matter

Creating value, protecting capital by knowing how to buy right

In real estate, disciplined investing starts with buying right. Profit can be created by finding properties in the right location, at the right time, but, most importantly, at the right price. After all, the price you pay for a property is the foundation of its investment success. In fact, by going the extra mile to […]

Alternative Investments: The new investing reality

With the return of market volatility, traditional investments may not be enough on their own. Faced with a longer life span, together with fully- or over-valued equity markets and low-interest rates that have been prevalent over the last decade, the average Canadian investor has become more focused on obtaining higher yields and diversification. Traditional investments […]

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