Balanced Real Estate Fund

The Balanced Real Estate Fund is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that specializes in investing in a diverse mix of real estate assets, including income properties, development and construction projects, and lending and financing throughout North America.


This private REIT offers:

  • Accessibility to all investors and registered plan eligibility
  • Monthly cash distributions
  • Growth potential
  • Re-investment options
  • Independent Board Members provide oversight

Investment Type

Limited Partnership/
Mutual Fund Trust

Registered Plan Eligibility


Trust Units


Minimum Initial Investment


Please see Offering Memorandum for more details.

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Fund Objectives

Provide access to a basket of diversified real estate assets

Regular cash distributions to qualified investors

Capital growth through potential asset appreciation

8% - 12% targeted annual return

Why invest in private real estate investment trusts?

Private REITs can offer many of the benefits that real estate investing can offer with a hands-off approach.


Like the world of private equity, real estate investments have long been a core holding for many wealthy investors. Now you can invest in a portfolio without needing a fortune’s worth of capital up front.

Generates Income

Real estate assets are located in regions with strong fundamentals such as population and economic growth.

Earns Equity

Equity continues to build up as the mortgage principal is paid down by the income generated from the tenants paying rent and as the property increases in value.


Real estate assets are located in regions with strong fundamentals such as population and economic growth.

Investment Categories

Income-Producing Properties
  • Residential
  • Commercial (Retail & Office)
  • Industrial
  • Mixed Use
Development and Construction Projects
  • Sub-divisions
  • Mid and high-rise buildings
  • Commercial
  • Mortgages
  • Land Loans
  • Construction Loans


Read our Related Issuer Disclaimer and Balanced Real Estate Fund Trust Disclaimer for disclaimer information.

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